Name, Age, Occupation?
Claudette W.
29 Years Old
Owner/Chef at Cavegirl Confections & Finance & Admin at Plant with Purpose

When did you start at Fortius?
September 2012

Sports / Fitness background?
Soccer & Tetherball

Why the jump into CrossFit?
I heard about CF through a friend and we went to do a free work out and almost died, I was hooked. I am super competitive and I loved the thought of pushing your body.

Why did you choose Fortius?
It’s in the same building my day job is at. It’s harder to come up with excuses why not to go when Jesse can drag me out of work.

What kind of progress have you made over the past year?
Launching a business has made consistency difficult, I am just trying to keep my endurance high. The big numbers will come with time. I am my only competition.

Biggest misconception about CrossFit?
That you have to be super fit to start, the biggest part of Fortius that I love so much is that all of the members come from different walks of life. Different goals & physical abilities. There are the naturals and the one’s that hope to string 3 barpees together. We treat everyone the same.

Favorite CrossFit movements?
Deadlift, cleans & KB anything.

Least Favorite CrossFit movements?
Overhead squat and snatch (mainly because I am not 100% comfortable with them and am a perfectionist) & Double unders (because it hurts when you screw up)

Advice for someone looking to start CrossFit?
Check your ego at the door, stupid is as stupid does. No one will judge you if you can’t do a move but there will be eye rolls if you do something unsafe for the sake of showing off. I have been doing it for what some consider “a while” now and still find some lifts very hard. Take is slow and get comfortable with everything before you go HAM.

What’s next? What are your goals for the future?
Double unders & Pullups, I will make them my bitc*. Sponsoring a Games athlete through Cavegirl (almost there ?)