Name, Age, Occupation?
Laura K.
38 Years Old
ASL-English Bilingual Resources Teacher for PreK-12 DHH program

When did you start at Fortius?
January 2013

Sports / Fitness background?
I was a competitive swimmer since I was 8 years old. I continued to swim throughout college. To this day, I still dedicate most of my time to recreational sports besides CrossFit: swimming, surfing, hiking, and running.

Why the jump into CrossFit?
Strength conditioning! Before I was fit from lots of cardio and a variety of sports but I didn’t have the strength and muscle definition that I have now. I’m getting much stronger than I was before!

Why did you choose Fortius?
Katie Robinson (thank you!!!) introduced me to this awesome box as well as to meet the friendly coaches who have a great patience and willing to communicate with me in any way. Needless to say, communication barrier was one of my biggest concerns but I found Fortius’ CFitters and OlyLifters very friendly too! I could never go back to a regular gym because I value the personalized coaching and the supportive community of athletes that train at Fortius. No form of training I have participated in can compete with my experience at Crossfit Fortius!

What kind of progress have you made over the past year?
I feel that I have been able to maintain the level of fitness that I achieved while competing at an intermediate level. My power and stamina has increased as well as my core strength. When I finally nailed my kipping pull-ups!! It was a mental block that I had to get over. A couple good pointers and I can now do it! ?

Biggest misconception about CrossFit?
CF is only for elite athletes to handle it. Well, it’s not true. Everyone can do it! So whatever is holding you back, drop it and pick up a barbell instead. ?

Favorite and Least Favorite Crossfit movements?
I am up for a power snatch/squat/deadlift challenge any day but dread a WOD with overhead squats and wall walk!

Advice for someone looking to start CrossFit?
Some people think all Crossfit boxes are created equal!?!? N-O-P-E! There is no such special place like Fortius with AMAZING coaches who have a strong background experience in Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit. If you disagree with me, I suggest you to check at least three boxes near you and check out their vibe and how they do things. You will realize how caring and heedful Fortius coaches are towards our individual efforts with the stated goal of improving fitness. Yet, Fortius Family welcomes you!

What’s next? What are your goals for the future?
I’m looking forward to participating in the Whole30 challenge in February. After that, I will try and stick to 100% Paleo lifestyle this year. In addition, I would like to contribute what hidden skills such as American Sign Language I have to our community. For those who are interested in learning a new language, just ask me and I will be happy to teach you (and of course, I will sign slow!) ?